B3, La Station by Mies van der Rohe
April 3 - April 10 2021

B3 is a sculptural exercise centered around the Wassily chair’s evolution as a symbol through time. 
Designed in 1925 by Hungarian designer Marcel Breuer it is considered as a revolutionary piece of furniture for its use of seamless tubular steel.
When creating the chair Breuer focused on reducing the object to its pure essence: planes and lines with an emphasis on functionality.
B3 continues this dissecting exercise by focusing on the formal properties of the materials used: chromed steel and leather. Where the formal qualities and history of the chair are less important than its aesthetic capital and status as a desired design object.
Also focusing on the capitalization of iconic symbols and how they are appropriated in a contemporary space. Ultimately, this work aims to create a dialogue surrounding modernism’s impact on current popular aesthetics, also questioning why certain designs become iconic and valuable.

Exhibition Photos by Paul Litherland